Hiking in La Plagne



Discover the numerous hiking trails that La Plagne has to offer. Whether you're with family or friends, embark on an adventure as you weave through alpine meadows and high-altitude paths, based on your level and preferences.
La Plagne, an all-terrain resort with its 11 villages ranging from 700m to 2100m in altitude. You'll encounter a multitude of landscapes and completely captivating routes, allowing you to breathe in the fresh mountain air.
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  • Your itinerary: bring along a hiking map and a compass. You can have all this on your smartphone, but remember to save it as the mobile network coverage is not always reliable at high altitudes!
  • Your equipment: to be ready to explore all the routes, make sure to have sturdy hiking shoes with good traction. They will be your best allies in preventing slips and maintaining stability. For children, prioritize ankle-supporting shoes. Bring along a waterproof and warm jacket that can easily fit into your backpack. In case of temperature drops at altitude or rain, you won't be caught off guard. Don't forget to pack hiking poles for yourself and your children. They are of great assistance on steep slopes.


The 5 essential items for your backpack:

  • Sun protection: to avoid returning from your hike all sunburned or with sunstroke, we strongly recommend bringing high SPF sunscreen suitable for the mountains. Also, take sunglasses and a hat or cap.
  • Hydration: during your mountain hike, it's important to stay hydrated. Carry at least 1 liter of water per person.
  • Regain energy: what's better than a good snack once you reach the summit of your hike! Pack some applesauce, cereal bars, and dried fruits. These will replenish your energy during your exertion. 
  •  First aid: a simple insect bite or a blister can sometimes catch you off guard during a hike. Thanks to your small first aid kit, these issues will quickly be forgotten. Include disinfectant, sterile dressings, band-aids, scissors, and tweezers in your kit. Yes, in the mountains, there are plenty of woods, and splinters can pay you a visit!
  • Capture memories: bring along a camera and a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at our furry friends, the marmots. Take advantage of this opportunity to capture stunning and breathtaking views that you'll encounter along the way!

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